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About us

       Welcome to our website, our company NANOTRANS was established in 2007, but our "know-how" product  was created a bit earlier in 2004.

        It is well-known that from one third up to half of all produced energy in the world is lost due to friction. All efforts are focused on this problem trying to reduce this negative profits in the production activity. 70% of these efforts are focused on energy-saving and operational reliability of the machinery. The friction is one of the main reasons of the material properties loss.

       The economic damage due to friction is enormous. The industrialized countries spend  30 % of the gross domestic product on the restoration process. The main direction to solve the equipment's wear and tear problem is to search for the new materials, to form new protective coating on the machine friction parts, to create new methods of treatment increasing the anti-friction properties.

       One of these directions which gives a real result is to apply a natural mineral material on the surface of the machine friction parts. The anti-wear products NT, produced by CJSC NANOTRANS are a product made of the natural mineral and based on nanotechnology. As a result of the application of the gel NT the nanoceramic coating is created on the friction parts surface, it is widely used in the mechanical systems from the internal combustion engine and compressors to the big machines, mills, load-lifting equipment and our results have proved that due to this method of treatment the mechanical systems are brought up to the qualitatively new and higher level, by reducing the size of the mechanical loss up to 15-20 times and unit's amortization intensity.

       In the today's economics our main aim is to form long-term and mutually profitable relations with the partners, and on our part we guarantee: the high quality of the products and services, the good business reputation, competitive prices, responsibility. We are glad to invite you to cooperate with us!



Best regards,

Igor Ilyenko