The producer of the anti-wear compositions NT,
The restoration, repair and maintenance of the equipment and mechanisms



NT technology

The anti-wear and anti-friction products NT create a protective nanoceramic coating on the friction parts surfaces during the regular operation of the machines.


1.      The  structure of the protective layer and the method of formation:


-      the base of our product is the natural mineral, it is our patented "know-how"

-     the primary form: micron powder

-     type of the product: concentrated  gel, grease, oil

2.      Nanoceramic coating main properties:

-     the main properties: the surface's roughness not less than 14 class, µ 0.003-0.007, Hv 690-710, linear expansion coefficient 13.6-14.2, resistance to impact 50kg/mm², collapses under the temperature 1575-1600Cº, corrosion resistant under the high temperatures, sea, acid, alkaline mediums.



         Fields of the application:                     

         - Machinery and tools

      -   All types of transport                                                                  

      -   Mettalurgy

      -   Railway

      -   Agriculture

       -  Ore and mining

       -  Oil and gas

       - Power engineering



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