The producer of the anti-wear compositions NT,
The restoration, repair and maintenance of the equipment and mechanisms




To restore the internal combustion engine and increase the service life of the mechanisms


The main results of the treatment:                                                                                                    

1. The increase and compression equalizing in the cylinders of the internal combustion engine

2. The decrease of the fuel consumption

3  The ability to function in the under trying conditions

4  Durability and service's extension of the lubrication

5. The increase of the engine power





The product is certified and corresponds to  the international standards

 ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001 and the product is up to quality of  GOST R   

ISO  9001:2001, GOST R ISO 14001-2007, GOST R 12.0.006-2002



Material safety data sheet  № 80577676-02-19991